appilee approaches every new challenge with the human-centered Design Thinking process to create meaningful and valuable solutions for our clients that are useful technically, financially and operationally.

Design thinking is about the interaction between

feasibility (what is functionally possible within the foreseeable future)

viability (what is likely to become part of a sustainable business model)

desirability (what makes sense to people and for people)

with an emphasis on the people for which the product or service is being designed.

Design thinking, and appilee, is successful if the result is a WOW instead of just a “thank you”.

“Alexa, run a transaction…”

With the possibilities that the emerging “Internet Of Things” brings, turning usually complex payment integrations into making the adding of secure card acceptance to, well, anything opens up a world of new solutions. Using Castles Code and Go,...

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Add EMV today: Code and Go Developer Kit

The Code and Go solution, built in partnership with Castles Technology, is the fastest way to add EMV card acceptance to almost any mobile or system platform. To help start and complete your integration, all of the documentation, examples and tools to get started are...

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Code and Go EMV Certified on First Data Nashville

EMV isn’t easy and every payment processor in the United States has an incredible backlog of platform and EMV certifications to work through in 2016, which makes the formal certification of the Castles Code and Go V1.1.1 application both a significant and important...

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